TAFE Journal

Constant Apologies

I always find myself apologising for the most ridiculous moments and awkward moments that don’t really require a sorry.

“Can I get passed you? SORRY…” – walking between crowds of people to get to my destination.

“SORRY do you mind if I take my pen back?” – whilst in actual fact it’s my own damn property.

“SORRY, that was me who farted”. – To be fair, I have never apologised for my farts. I don’t intend to. Like ever.

But you get the gist – remarking on how ridiculous apologising for the most basic life moments that should just require manners rather than excusing myself as though I am doing wrong. Perhaps it’s a woman thing. We are always apologising.

The reason I was writing to say that I was sorry I hadn’t done amazingly at setting up this WordPress but I am subsequently “getting there”.

I was in fact brought up on the induction of websites such as live journal – I swear my name sounded something like a lolly ‘Twinkle pop.

Tumblr and myspace. They were the humble birth of this generation of exposing oneself in ways you would later regret in life.

Needless to say, I will NOT be apologising for my lack of posts on this site but will explain in my lovely manners that “I am piss farting, but it’s getting me further than once expected”.

In another exciting matter I also am keen to announce I will be interviewing somewhat of a Sydney inner west icon who is a friendly face for all.

Once I confirm with my teacher I will be talking to this said person and I can’t wait to share what this person has to say.

Exciting stuff! Don’t all wet your pants at once.

Until next time,

Stop apologising and Fart as much as you like. 🙂

(A bit of self promotion – Please check out my insta and twitter )



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