Reflection on Blood Donation interview

Starting this task I was a little unsure of who to approach and interview. Especially in regards to a profession or “specialist” as indicated.

The funny thing is I think that word could be interpreted in more than one way.

Most people would assume Doctor, Lawyer, Banker, or Baker. Delving into that I feel would be pretty ordinary. I chose someone who volunteers as a refreshment staff (inner giggle).

Having a message to send at the end of it was a pretty good way to go about it. But this wasn’t what I originally planned. Once I found Belinda and decided to have an interview.

It wasn’t until AFTER I realised I had missed a few key points or parts that could have been simple additions to make it more wholesome. For instance, perhaps asking “where” she volunteers in regards to the whole volunteering.

Nerves are a funny thing really. Sometimes they control you and other times you feel you can use them to your advantage. I suppose being my first interview that I have published but my inner perfectionist sees otherwise.

You should have done this, or you could have asked that, Or why didn’t you do this?!?” and the self talk goes on. Needless to say, I am a working progress. I won’t be the best at everything but I can always improve right?

Note to thyself:  

IF you’re interviewing someone of a profession that maybe not everyone would know about, JUST ask where they are doing it. More is better and whatever else can be edited.



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