Brief – ‘Pockets of Sydney’

For our MoPho class, we have to create a series of 10 photos to tell a story.

I went through a whirlwind of ideas, thoughts, and collaborations but I wasn’t really satisfied.

This is part of my condition called “Partial-Perfectionism“. It’s a real thing and should be dealt with great diligence.

I started out with an idea showcasing tattoos and their stories. I moved onto pregnant women and their progress showing different stages of pregnancy which would be quite hard and be an issue of logistics.

Finally, I came to the conclusion and one that came to me instantly.

Pockets of Sydney

The idea is based on 10 different people and their favourite spots in Sydney and why.

In some way I would like to have each person in the picture in to display their love for the area. An example might be a person who loves a particular area of a beach and the person sitting on a rock looking out into the distance whilst adhering to the leading lines, rule of thirds and framing composition.

I’m really excited because this would be a varied angles of Sydney through Sydneysiders eyes!

Really looking forward to it all.



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