Slutty Sundaes – It’s not what you think

Before you get all offended and up in arms…read this.

I have created a day.

This day is called ‘Slutty Sundaes’.

Firstly, I devised this idea a few years a go, while living with some housemates. We discussed the necessity of leaving Sundays for the day of rest.

The day where your toes are greeted by the wind.

The day where you relax and unwind.

The day you unzip your jeans and leave them hanging open.

The day you FINALLY pluck those awkward hairs around your nipple that you’ve been meaning to get to.

The day where you just need to mentally unwind from a weeks worth of crap or intensity.

And the day that you can do literally whatever the hell you want! (within reason – I don’t endorse raiding the streets and killing people)

So many times you hear the word ‘Slutty’ being thrown around like it’s a bad word. It isn’t.

I can be slutty with ice cream and just devour way too much. Doesn’t have to do anything with sex. Or finish that tub of Hummus on my own with hot chips (new food creation?).

Needless to say, we (housemates and I) continued to call Sundays ‘Slutty Sundaes’ and it warranted that chocolate we just ate. Or that extra cheesy slice of pizza we really shouldn’t have had but we did anyway.

Morphing this into my blog will be an easy feast, ha!

So each Sunday, relaxed and be entertained by my ‘Slutty Sundae’.

It will be a story, a recollection of moments, a dream, a conversation, a thought.

So sit back. Open them jeans, or better yet slip into some trackie dacks. Relax and let the ‘Slutty Sundaes’ take you in to a separate world of pure bliss.

DISCLAIMER: Each entry may not entice the reader to become relaxed. But you can be relaxed and sluttin’ it up while reading ‘Slutty Sundaes’. You are entitled to actually slut it up on Sundays and you can still partake in ‘Slutty Sundaes’. You may even be eating a sundae AND having sex. Who cares. It’s ‘Slutty Sundae!’.



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