‘Slutty Sundaes’ – it was seriously like that movie – the Hangover

Hooray! It’s ‘Slutty Sundae’, hope your week has been well.

It’s been a disastrous one for the UK. Incredibly sad and heartbreaking to see such violence. I have friends living in London but thankfully as far as I know they’re fine. But still, any of those people could be friends, family members or even me. A scary and daunting thought. Especially as it doesn’t seem to be easing. My heart goes out to the victims and families. But also any victims of such atrocious acts of violence.

Amongst all the craziness of the world, I had a story to share. One that isn’t violent but a comical one.

I worked in Canada for about 7 months at a camp in Alberta. I hope to share a few of these stories in the next few SS coming up. Enjoy!

“We all went out (well most of the Aussie/NZ crew and some Canadians) for a drink in Canmore, the closest town. The camp itself is a DRY CAMP so we are not allowed any drinks nor any cigarettes. I say allowed lightly because it didn’t stop people.

It’s expensive so we bought our own drinks and went to a hotel for the night so we could drink. We went to a venue called the drake. A typical looking canadian pub with a pool table and a great live band.

Everyone left their jacket on a rack which everyone assumes no one will steal.

However, most of the group were already intoxicated and one from our group was convinced his jacket was stolen. One of the canadian girl’s ended up finding it and this guy was incredibly drunk. Stumbling over his feet and falling towards a couple that walked nearby when we were outside for some fresh air.

I was told to look after him but then lost him in the crowd and had to look after another girl who got sick.

We eventually left and I was able to get a hotel key so we made our way back. It turned out we were missing 2 of our group. Being the mother figure of the group, I had this feeling of worry but didn’t let it consume me.

We then got a knock on the door at 2 in the morning and it was ONE of the guys who was missing. We asked him where the other one was but he had no idea. Everyone was sue he will be fine and if we dont find him we can look for him in the morning.

So we got up in the morning and still heard no word from him even though we messaged on Facebook messenger. We went back to the venue but it was closed. We then went back to these ladies he had met the night before and it was seriously like that movie the hang over.

How on earth would we find him on -4 degree day!

We went to some shops, local library and even showed the latest Facebook photo of him to people! It started to get ridiculous and never ending. The girl who had been sick ended up throwing up out the window on the way between shops. Finally we headed to the police station. They refused to tell us if they had found him but said we could file a missing person’s report. We opted not to but had to tell our boss.

One of the canadian girl’s called on their phone and regrettably uttered “We have momentarily lost one of our group members”.

He told us not to file a missing person report but to keep looking and he would look back at camp.

I was getting super worried but we were very hungry so we went to a cafe called “Bagel Co” which is pretty awesome. Roughly, 10 minutes after one of the canadian girl’s stand up and shouts “THEY FOUND HIM!!! HE WAS AT CAMP!” in front of everyone at Bagel Co and we cheered.

Turns out he was extremely drunk and couldn’t remember where the hotel was so he went to another pub and they called a taxi for him to come back to camp.

Needless to say, if he had contacted us and told us what happened camp wouldn’t have found out. And for that reason he got a warning about his drinking and that it be kept out of camp.

Everyone was convinced he would be kicked out but I suppose they thought otherwise.

The funny part was…this all happened on the first weekend of Camp starting. “

Hope you were nasty and Slutty on this fine ‘Slutty Sundae’.

IMG_4484“us looking for the missing member in our group”


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