It’s finally here. I am so excited to announce my project for #pocketsofsydney

A huge thank you to all that were involved. Sydney is an awesome place to live and has many pockets that you can find yourself in.

They’re also in my instagram –



“I love coming here. It makes me feel at home (Maldives and Australia). Where the land meets the water and that’s so special to me”. – Ami – Elizabeth Bay


“I would come here with my friends when we were younger. I also love to climb things. Do I look good this angle?”. – Maeve – Alison Park – Dulwich Hill


“I could just eat Garlic Chicken for the rest of my life”. – Mitch –

Oiden Rice Bowl – George St


“The Bay is beautiful. It’s such a great thinking spot”. – Vanessa – Bay Walk – Roselle


“It’s such a nice little spot. I love that they kept old pieces, the detail – even to the gates surrounding the area with little houses on the corners”. – Caitlin – The Rocks


“I love being near the water. It allows me to contemplate life away from the city”. – Mayzin – Royal Botanic Gardens


“Great coffee and they make anything how I want”. – Maggie – Empire Cafe – Dulwich Hill


“From here you can feel the soul of Australia and you can see the symbol of Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower and corner of the Sydney Opera House”. – Tatiana – Lavender Bay


“Every few weeks my family and I would come here to walk around and explore. It’s a different atmosphere from Fairfield”. – Belinda – Darling Harbour


“When I moved to Sydney we lived 5 minutes away from Luna Park. I loved the quirky nostalgic feel. It will always represent a scary, exciting time in our lives. It’s the big city. We’re here”. – Ingrid – Luna Park




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