Get in this MoPhoin’ Class

This week is the second last week of TAFE for my cert 4 in Mobile Photography (MoPho) and I am actually dead set sad about that.

Our class is always a hoot, I’m saying this especially because my teacher will be reading this. Hi Meg! 🙂

I believe my photo project went relatively well for what I achieved in less than 2 weeks.

The most challenging aspect was organisation of the subject/model for sure. As much as I appreciate the people I took photos of. It was a pain in the butt to get some people to commit to being my model.

I believed I would really struggle with having to find 10 people but it all ended up running much smoother than originally thought.

Some of the photos taken I think could have been better but that’s always something that I will think. Partial Perfectionist at play.

Capturing the essence of #pocketsofsydney was my favourite and that was to basically have fun with it. Seeing each model’s personality shine through assisted me in creating photos that were worth it.

I’m definitely sad that this class will be over but excited to start the next phase whatever that may be. Potentially even just getting back into DSLR photography to enhance my skills and abilities with it all.

Peace out Brussels Sprout ’cause I’m on my way to a theatre show. 

P.s here’s a boomerang I made of my teacher ​


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