Portfolio thoughts

It has come to the final class of MoPho, and I was meant to do a reflection, not on #pocketsofsydney, but based on all my photos from Instagram.

The ones that were needed for the assessments besides my 10 photo series.

I feel like there has been a progression of growth from when I first started.

Not to say that my images were crap, but that I learnt how to create different photos using certain compositions such as reflections, leading lines, rule of thirds, silhouettes, flatlay, low key and high key.

My favourite is either leading lines or rule of thirds. But then there’s flatlay, or reflections. I cant decide.

The best thing I’ve learnt is how there’s so many ways using these compositions to tell a story.

For instance, my pigeon photo has an element of leading lines.


Learning to edit has been interesting and I’ve slipped into a groove of my own.

Probably what I could change is continuing to enhance my editing abilites, as in not being stuck on just one style. It’s good to venture out into something new.

Although I can’t help but include some photos of my shoes.



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