‘Slutty Sundaes’ – I know my plants look dead but they’ve just been neglected due to my social media addiction. 

The internet is a wonderous world of inviting vices. 

Social media forums such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr and many more – these encourage certain behaviours. 

Voyeurism, consumerism, consumption, information loading, instant gratification, comparisons and openly being available 24 hours a day. 

Just a minor slice of it all emcompasses. Always being switched on. 

Have you ever just taken a step back and wondered what life is like without the implication of the Internet? Or at least social media? 

This ‘Slutty Sundae’ in actual fact will include a detox. (I know totally not what Slutty Sundae means, if you don’t know what ‘Slutty Sundaes’ are you can check out the first post –

I’ve decided between my TAFE semester finishing and starting the Diploma I’ll be taking a break from social media. 

Mainly – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat 

I’m sure it’s been done before but I’m not doing it to follow some trend. 

I’ve found social media manipulates me to distant myself from other things in life that matter more or are at least more productive. 

Today for instance, already instead of spending way too much time (more than I would like to admit) scrolling on my feed. I’ve replanted my flower pots, gone shopping, watered the garden and most importantly cleaned my room. 

I know my plants look dead but they’ve just been neglected due to my social media addiction. 

My room has been the pain of my existence as I’m allergic to cleaning it -coincidentally I’m also allergic to dust so when I do clean I suffer from it. 

When I’m on social media I find myself feeling a heavy wave of guilt for wasting my time. 

Time is all we have.

Why spend it on useless and wasteful comment sections of videos that really don’t matter in the grand scheme of things? 

I don’t doubt that social media has a place in society but I believe I’ve just exercised my social media right way too much. 

Stepping down from the platform was actually anxious provoking. 

What will I do now? How will I spend my time? What can I achieve that is worthwhile? Who am I, without the guarantee of social media? 

The funny thing is, life does go on. I’ll still be able to eat at the same places and meet up with the same friends. 

Just everyone won’t know about it. 

Since I had been back from Cananda I have spent less time uploading things to Facebook than I used to. Literally too often there was a status.

But this time I won’t be able to even see it. I’ve deleted it all. 

I’m keeping whatsapp because I see it more for texting friends than what I would classify as social media. 

I’ll be aiming to meet people more so in person. I’ve lined up some support groups for myself. Not social media specific but to do with anxiety. 

For me, social media has increased my anxiety so I plan to work out a way of being more comfortable. Especially talking about anxiety – which is a whole another blog post topic.

I’m also curious to know what I’ll do to fill up the spaces that have normally forced me to use social media. 

Waiting for the bus, being on the bus, getting off the bus, waiting for a friend outside a movie cinema, not watching TV ads, going shopping with a friend who has completely different taste to me, before bed, waking up, on the toilet, going to events on my own, in between Netflix episodes. 

The list is endless. 

Once I was in a drama class, and the teacher told us to do anything in the room that preoccupied our minds and we had to be in the moment. Really concentrate and believe. 

I have never had so much fun counting the different number of lights or power plugs in the room. 

A normally  boring task, yet I was so utterly involved I literally forgot what time it was. 

Wish me luck or maybe I don’t need luck. 

Just embrace it more likely. 

Ps. I know WordPress may be leaning towards a social media but I’m not on this very often. 

I only plan to write posts during this time. 


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