‘You gotta be dreaming’ – What a mission!


” I had a dream that Tall Handsome Man and I were in Africa trying to illuminate terrorism and famine. I had grown to infiltrate the enemy lines. I don’t know how I got in because being a woman was considered lower in status.  Somehow the enemy accepted me into their system. As I went undercover, I was trying to free this young boy name Nicko, who was their go-to boy for everything.

At one stage they introduced me to the system where they steal money. They explained the process where they hid the money but said even their own people weren’t to be trusted. Seeing the locals faces in the area, clarified they were so scared. 

On my mission I was trying to save this boy who wanted to ride a rollercoaster because if he got a turn, it meant that he was free.

I somehow tried to smuggle him out of the terrorist group but I had no real plan.

Moments later I found myself caught in this bad situation where they were going to kill me.  Finding a phone, I was able to call Tall Handsome Man.

I told him I needed to get out quick. He had this van that had water in the back with an asian woman. Driving crazy all around the streets and  picked me up. I dunked my head into the water as I was so dusty. Tall Handsome Man drove into a nicer area.

I realised I was in South Africa although I’ve never been in real life.

As we made our way to Tall Handsome Man’s house I told him I was starving but he confirmed his mother was making us food. I then saw Blonde and Thin woman sitting at our table and I wondered what her job was. We then all moved to the lounge area with a couch that was covered with hanging rope.

I really wanted to hug Tall Handsome Man but felt a bit awkward in front of Blonde and Thin woman. Low and behold, my WHOLE family arrive to the house.

I was so embarrassed for some reason and introduced my mum to Blonde-and Thin woman and Tall Handsome Man.

I got distracted by the couch as I saw this dial that you could press and give you the right names to describe things such as “Him” “her” and “us”. There was even one for gay singles and couples.

It was so bizarre and then I found out my family only came to visit because they managed to get EXCEPTIONALLY cheap prices to get to South Africa. ”


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