‘Slutty Sundaes’ – Rekindling my relationship with my DSLR 

City view A quick break for a businessman 

Big city, big problem. This reminded me of Ms Trunchbull’s school in the movie, Matilda. 

Pink hair, don’t care. My mum is the coolest looking 70-year-old I know. 


TAFE starts tomorrow which will be interesting. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what I’m planning to do with a Dilploma in Journalism. 

I’m too much of a rebel for Journalism I think. Tending to veer off the main road of what SHOULD be done. Like swearing in posts or making an article a personal reflection. 

I’m a natural rule breaker. 

Who likes being told what to do? 

But on the other hand, I’m a people pleaser and therefore like to follow what is necessary to be done. 

Ahh, the complexities of human nature. 

Have a good week ya sluts! 



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