‘Slutty Sundaes’ – “This has you washing only one armpit. Or shaving one leg. Always left”. 

Life has been a mix of good feelings as well as complete bare butt nakedness infront of a crowd. 

Okay not for real but metaphorically. 

TAFE has started and thus life has began to entrail the type of busy-I-can’t-hear-you-I’m-in-my-head-feel. This has you washing only one armpit. Or shaving one leg. Always left

But I’m persisting in enjoying my studies making use of the facilities and resources. 

…oh who am I kidding? 

Besides attending classes I’ve been the epitome of procrastination. 

I think denial best describes my ability to make use of the classes. But to be fair, it is only the start of week 3 tomorrow. 

All this baffle means I have done little writing in preparation for sluttysundaes. 

Therefore, I have nothing better to do than show you last week of photos I have taken. 

Lately I’ve found a great satisfaction and depth in appreciating colours of the sky. Don’t get my wrong I always do. But to the simplicity of staring out the window on the train a little longer. Or taking a moment to physically stop and notice the minuscule detail in a roof tiling. Or the way the sun dances its light on a tree. 

The colours along with the silouettes including shapes are just exciting enough to make my inner child beam with pride. 

Next step is to take more photos. And then more. You can never have too many. 





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