‘Slutty Sundaes’- ‘becoming friends with the sun.’ 

As of late, I’ve been really appreciative of the scene around me. 

I should state I live in the city, infact I could drive to the city in about 15 minutes (without Sydney traffic). 

But besides the overbearing sounds of planes, families and occasional sirens. There are so many pockets of life that I take for granted. 

We all do.

Consumed by our worlds. 

Thoughts, deadlines, concerns, debates, conversations, tantrums, fights, heartfelt apologies and many laughs guide our lives but sometimes it really helps to see what other life is occurring. 

To cleanse from this, I’ve been taking moments of solitude with my camera, soaking in the space I call home and becoming friends with the sun. 

When I was at Spring camp in Canada, last year , I facilitated a program that was created to encourage young people to be concerned about the environment whilst learning along the way. 

One of our activities was for the kids to get a picture in their eager hands (not always so eager) and in small sections in a field, they had to determine whether they could find what was in their picture on the ground. It was generally some sort of life form. 

In order to determine whether the mock council should develop on the field that the kids were looking at, we first had to determine if there was life. 

Simple enough, the kids would realise well yes there is life. Everywhere you go. Even in just a small patch of grass, there is so much to learn from that. 

It’s funny in a way because during my photography escapade I ended up standing on our outdoor table in my backyard. 

My brother saw me, walked over, and said “There are so many beautiful things to see,” with the most obvious layer of sarcasm in his tone. Mocking me he laughed and walked away. 

Besides my brothers inability to associate with anything remotely emotional, he was right. Minus the sarcasm of course. 

There ARE so many beautiful things to see. 

You just have to be willing to see them. 


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