‘Slutty Sundaes’ – I would probably be in a hole of darkness. Not wanting to get out of bed.

Hi sluts,

Wow, how a week makes a difference! A lot has happened since last time I wrote this.

Firstly, I did not go to the next stage in the pitch for ABC. I was quite bummed about it. But I’ve accepted it. Just move on and continue on.

I should have the 360 video, I developed with other students, on YouTube quite soon which is exciting.

I was actually quite sick this week which has been horrible (no one enjoys the shits) but there was a silver lining…I started watching The Sinner, on Netflix, which has been addicting.

Although I’m sensing a good drinking game from it. Every time jessica Biel cries you have a shot. Plus any time you hear that song that triggers her. You’ll just have to watch it if you don’t know what I’m on about.

Lastly, a good friend of mine lost her baby last weekend. She had a stillbirth. The baby’s heart stopped beating. It just so happened to be the week before she was due. Heartbreaking doesn’t even justify the feeling and experience of it all.

Some friends and I stayed with her and her partner. It was a sweet time spent together. It was incredibly sad in moments.

Surrounded by Cockatoos and Kookaburras we ate soft cheeses and laughed about funny festival outfits and dance moves. The lingering thought of a passing child, a child that we should have been holding instead was no longer in our arms reach.

It got me thinking about the way people handle death and traumatic situations.

Being a self confessed Atheist, I find it hard to believe in any religion, God or spirituality. Trust me, I’ve tested it out.

At the flat chested age of 14, I decided religion wasn’t for me. Mainly because my scripture teacher didn’t have the answer to my questions.

A question about why do children with cancer exist, or what happened to all the dead people before any religion was established?

Clearly I was in favour of facts and scientific evidence.

My friend has handled this situation so unbelievably strong. Honestly I cannot believe she’s actually walking and talking whilst carrying this sadness with her. I don’t know how she does it. But then I realised I knew why.

Coming from a world of spirituality, my friend is able to see the light. No, not that one. I mean, the light that continues to burn. Hope.

Hope, that there was a reason for this that has brought many people closer than before the words “I can’t hear her heartbeat…” were uttered by the midwives.

If I were faced with the exact same situation. I would probably be in a hole of darkness. Not wanting to get out of bed. What would be the point? Having lost a child I had never truly met, would be devastating.

But I wouldn’t think that I would meet my child else where or feel their presence. I wished I believed it. I truly did.

Maybe I’ll force myself to because at the end of the day, it sounds a whole lot nicer than just “dead and gone” and that’s it.

I think that’s why ultimately people have to believe in something. It gives them solace in knowing that, the chimes were ringing at the exact moment being told a loved one had passed – that sound was them waving good bye.



‘Slutty Sundaes’ – no body is perfect

Hi sluts,

Hope your week has been well.

Lately, those around me have struggled with body image and self love/appreciation.

I feel like it’s a universal issue with people these days.

I reckon the people who care the least about their thigh gap, thin arms, slender legs, and round breasts or muscular chests for the dudes – are the elderly.

They’ve been through it all. The self doubt, the mirror hating body stance, the restricted diets to maintain a figure.

I just had a bit of a rant on my Facebook page and thought I should share.


No body is perfect.

The perfect lean legs, the toned stomach, the slender yet muscular arms, the thigh gap (wtf?) all these things DO NOT DEFINE US!

I’m so sick of hating on my body. Yes, it’s not perfect. But you know what?

That’s okay!

Perfection is a lofty thinking pattern that does not exist! It doesn’t. Perhaps in a different world.

Growing up I was constantly berating myself with “I don’t have boobs, how unattractive” or “I’m so ugly compared to that girl!”.

I feel so sad that I didn’t appreciate what I had in the moment.

I’m getting better. Everyday is a constant battle yet I know that my body does not define me as a person. It’s merely a vessel of fluid, bones and child bearing hips that I’m so fortunate to have.

So ladies (or gents), rather than focus on what you don’t have. Look at yourself and be grateful for what you do have! I know everyone in some way or form struggles with this.

But if we treated ourselves with gratitude and self appreciation. Imagine how different the world would be!?

Much love and body appreciation heading your way!


Follow this girl! She’s so awesome and all about the self love



‘Slutty Sundaes’ – I have some goals

Hey Sluts,

Guess who technically has finished her studies? This slut right here!

I’m pretty excited and also quite sad. A sadness that triggers the kind of lingering lump in my throat that sometimes makes it hard to talk.

I said goodbye to my teachers at TAFE. Although I know I’ll still see them for a little while longer.

There’s a 360 video I was a part of creating, and I’ve volunteered to complete the edit.

I can only edit that on campus, but I also need to create my CV. And apply for jobs/volunteer.

In all honesty, I want to do so many things at once. I want to learn, grow, experience, meet people and have fun. Whether I continue to study or just start looking for a job I haven’t even really contemplated.

My teachers reckon I should start volunteering at a local station to gain some more experience which I think would be good.

I’ve learnt so many things along the way of this course. But one main point, is that NO matter what you create. Someone is going to hate, critique, enhance, edit or completely change your work. This is something new to me.

For all my working life, I’ve never had to thoroughly edit my work to a standard because it wasn’t like that.

I mean, in child care no one expects you to write a learning story like a hard news piece. As long as it establishes what the child has learnt and developed you’re good to go.

It’s funny though, writing hasn’t been my strongest of points. As much as I would love to write something. It doesn’t come naturally. Again, I’ve learnt this is too a skill to develop and grow.

No one wakes up and ends up being Virginia Wolf or Roald Dahl (two very different writers I know but who popped into my head). They had to work at it and find their groove.

I have some goals.

To write a book, a play and to create a podcast.

I’m aware podcasts are audio but if they’re written well they can be done so beautifully.

Anyway I’m just type vomiting and anything that pops into my head I’m typing. Dogs, popcorn, crates and liver.

I’ll think it’ll be good to crate, I mean, create a consistent theme for Slutty Sundaes. Of course the premise, anything goes, still exists.

But I do need to create a format that lines with some consistency.

Anyways here is a photo of me at a Fashion Design Graduate Show, where I helped film footage with the A&V Department from TAFE.

P.S that mark on the floor is not my pee. Not this time.

#seeyal@terz TAFE! It’s been swell but this isn’t really the end of our relationship.


TAFE Journal

‘Slutty Sundaes’ – Sorry, I’ve been pitchin’

Hey sluts,

Deep apologies for my absence.

I’ve been knee deep in assessments at TAFE and I’m slowly climbing to the surface.

There’s also an exciting element to all these assessments, and that was preparing a pitch to the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

If you don’t know what a pitch is, basically it entails an entrant to provide a varied degree of resources and information, proposing some sort of story/idea.

In the journalist world, if you were writing you would be pitching to your editor about a story you wanted to write and why it was worth it. In this day and age, the turn around is huge. All dependent on who you work for of course.

My turn, involved a snippet of my newly named podcast, Own Up.

Much like the Anonymous Confessions, the idea still exists.

Without giving too much away it requires anonymous members of society to reveal something off their chest in to create a podcast.

I’m excited because this was a huge step for me.

You can sense my excitement by the tone I used to count down, the moment I pressed send.

This would have been at least something that has painstakingly taken me 2 months to process and finalise.

As a partial perfectionist it was never easy. Especially when each teacher I would get an opinion from would have such a varied answer to any query.

In fact, that’s one thing I’ve struggled with.

Accepting the fact that no matter what I create, someone can critic it and say it needs to be fixed. While someone else could focus on a completely different aspect of it.

I feel like I’ve got a long way to go but this is just the beginning for my career.

One that I finally feel like is aiming towards something that I can create and really master.

I’ll know whether ABC are interested around early December and if they will take it further.

If not that’s okay, and doesn’t mean I can’t do my own thing anyway.



Fire and Joy – Nirrimi

Growing up I always admired photographers and writers.

Nirrimi Hakanson (Firebrace) has been the first Australian photographer/writer I stumbled across on the site DeviantArt back in 2005.



Nirrimi captivated a big following starting from a young age and producing some breathtaking photos.

I was able to get some insight into Nirrimi’s idea of how to get into photography.

Hello! Can you give a brief description of who you are and what you do?

I’m a 25 year old photographer, writer, blogger and mama from Australia.

What inspired you to get into photography/writing?

I’ve always been a creative, writing came first as a child and then I picked up a camera as a teen and fell in love.

What do you love about your job?

My office can be my bedroom, my favourite cafe or a beach in Indonesia. It’s challenging and exciting. I’m heard.


What qualities do you think make a great photographer/writer?

Rolling with the punches. Presentness. Self discipline.
What are the biggest challenges in your job?

Being my own boss. Getting enough work to get by.


What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into this profession?

Be motivated from within; by how you feel when you create, by the longing to live an authentic life, by the growth. Create to create, not for fame or riches or to impress someone. Make space and time to do it every single day.


Thank you Nirrimi for letting me share a slice of your photographic gallery.

You can check out Nirrimi’s portfolio at 

And her blog



‘Slutty Sundaes’- Undies, pants, underwear, under garments…

Hi sluts! 

It’s slutty sundae again. 

Hope you’ve been Slutting it up.

Using whatever medium, guilty pleasure or vice you attribute that to. Or just a good sundae. 

I thought I would share an embarrassing moment. Specifically involving underwear. 

Although to be frank, it was more funny than embarrassing. 

Last year, I was working at a camp in Canada. 

It was one of those camps in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a provincial park. 

The camp provided many experiences other than those for just kids coming along with their school. 

Weekends were usually family friendly experiences for parents and kids to get away from the city life whilst having fun. 

This one particular weekend, we had this small family come in. I was working with a guy and a girl I knew from my time there. 

Both Aussies. 

I shared a living space with the guy in a cabin area called ” back of housing.” 

It sounds just as exciting as the name. 

There were about 11 of us sharing this space. So naturally we lived in each other’s pockets. Literally. 

If someone needed to share a laundry run then we could share the cost (it cost us about $5 to wash and dry each wash) and we had designated weeks for cooking nights. 

Back to the weekend, so this family was so sweet. Two small kids plus Mum and Dad. 

We took them on a hike, sang songs, played on an outdoor playground and had a turn aiming for targets with bows and arrows. 

I remember it was a cool morning and I had worn this big hoodie jumper (or a bunny hug  as some Canadians would say). 

But as the day progressed I was sweating and had to lose the hoodie. I tied it around my waist, and continued to walk. 

As we made our way to the archery range and set it up, I placed my hoodie on the ground. 

Something caught my eye where my hoodie lay. 

Something pink. Something made of Lace. Oh my god. Undies! 

Inside the hoodie, were a pair of pink lace undies.

I looked around to see if anyone had noticed. 

Everyone was doing their own thing before the archery range was open. But nothing about what I had witnessed. 

I grabbed the girl I knew and my hoodie taking her behind the shooting area and revealed my discovery. 

We burst into laughter. 

The randomness and potential awkwardness made it incredibly entertaining. 

With tears streaming down our faces,  I had enough breathe to say 


This just made our stomachs ache in laughter even more. 

I had been walking around with pink lace undies in my hoodie the whole day. No one noticed or had bothered to tell me. 

It turned out they belonged to my roommates, her current range of undies. 

Just my luck they were the racey lace kind. 

Have you had an awkward undies story? Do share! 



The ultimate go-getter – Jan Fran

It was 2013, one mid-May Monday coolish night, I snuggled up on my second-hand couch with my new housemates to be greeted by SBS2’s new show, The Feed.
Instantly I fell in love with the captivating stories and relaxed attitudes of the TV hosts.
Since then, the show has shimmied to a new channel SBS Viceland, scoring a bigger audience through social media.
One of the main hosts of the show, Jeanette Francis – a.k.a Jan Fran, has made a name for herself with a fiercely funny way of captivating her audience.
I was fortunate to speak to Jan Fran, gaining some insight in the world of journalism and what story telling really entails.

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Notes of a Northerner – A thirst for sights

How often have you felt the desire to just pack up and leave what you’ve always known?
Many people dream it, but how many actually follow through?
This afternoon, I was able to speak with an inspiring photographer with a wholehearted desire to explore the world. A young woman who did what some can only dream of – pack up and travel for work.

Hello! Can you give a brief description of who you are and what you do? 
Hi! I’m Sophie Piearcey, originally from the UK but now living in beautiful Queenstown NZ.
I run a blog / Instagram called Notes of A northerner which follows me around the world on all our adventures as I write and take photographs.
What inspired you to get into photography?
As cliché as it may sound my Dad gave me an old Canon film camera when I was about 7 and since then I have never stopped taking photographs. The printed form and how I could stop a moment in time fascinated me.
I went on to complete a Masters in fine art and photography at University and then bought a one way ticket to the southern hemisphere and haven’t looked back since.
How did you get to where you are today? 
Hard work, persistence, perfecting my trade and constantly learning. I learn new things from the people I meet, the blogs I read and the workshops I attend. I make sure I always get a library card for whatever city I am in so I can make sure I keep my literature knowledge up.
What do you love about your job?
I love the fact it’s hard work. It pushes me to challenge myself daily. I also love the amazing network of friends I have met through using Instagram and blogging my life away… I’ve also been to some pretty cool places in the last few years too.
What is a typical day like for you? What qualities do you think make a great photographer?
Emails, Instagram, catch up with the news and any blogs I follow regularly. I then edit images from the weekend or previous trips and I write.
Sometimes I write when I am not going to publish it just to keep my brain active.
I don’t think there are specific qualities you need to have to be a great photographer. For me the most important thing is passion.
If you are passionate about something it will shine through in all your work, I also don’t think it’s about fancy equipment – spend your money on adventures instead!
What are the biggest challenges in your job? 
Keeping up to date with current trends and goings on in the world while also trying to stay true to yourself and style.
What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into this profession?
Get out there and start taking photos pronto.
You will start to see the world a whole lot differently through a camera lens.
Also networking is so important. Not only does it boost your skills & knowledge but also helps your hone your own craft and puts you in touch with so many awesome like-minded people!
Thank you so much for the interview Sophie. 
Sophie documents her travels on her site – Check her out!
Her instagram is @sophiepiearcey

‘Slut Sundaes’ – Single 4 lyf 

I feel like there needs to be a new wave of celebration. Forget birthdays, birthing children or getting married. 
My name is Ruth and I’ve been single for 8 years. 
My relationship with me has been amazing. I’ve travelled, met new people, experienced foods and smelt new smells along the ride. 

With myself I’ve never felt so comfortable and yet challenged. 

When I was first single, I was scared. 

Unsure of who I was in this relationship I needed to be in control. Thankfully, I didn’t mind. 
This control has pushed boundaries I never thought possible. 
I’ve conquered my ability to have injections, including blood tests.

I wasn’t always able to do this yet I helped myself push through. 
Living overseas for a while took a toll on my relationship with me because I was spending a lot of time with kids.

Somehow I got through this. 
This year has also proven the most challenging for my relationship with me. 

I’ve started studying a new field of work which has been hard for myself. Finding the time for me can really affect how I interact with me. But I’m getting there. 
Anxiety also has been visiting my relationship with myself.

It has tried to break us up many times. Even threatening with the feeling of despair and helplessness. 
It wasn’t until I suggested to myself to attend some anxiety support groups that I’ve felt like has given me a new lease on life. 
Anxiety will always hinder this relationship but I am becoming better at dealing with it and discussing it with myself. 
8 years is a long time but it’s been a roller coaster and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world! 
Sending love to other singles out there that should be appreciated for being with themselves. 

You’re awesome, amazing, worthwhile, and deserve the best partner in the world. You! ❤️❤️

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‘Slutty Sundae’ – How you know you’re a basic bitch

I’m going to be completely honest here…I am a basic bitch. 

I say that in the nicest way possible…to myself. 

But it’s true. I’ve never been extravagant with my purchases for clothes or make up. Unless it’s a wedding…or funeral.  

Here are some of my basic bitch tendencies 

1. I’m probably the only 27 year old I know of, that owns one pair of heels. 

The reason was a wedding so I felt it was necessary to have a pair – considering I didn’t own any. 

That’s a step up. 

2. I have one pair of swimmers ie. bikini – top and bottom. To be fair, I don’t swim as much. 

Mainly due to the fact when I was 12, I neglected to realise that my skin is fair, not tanned. 

Beaching in the aussie sun with my beautifully olive tonned skin friends had me burning with envy. Literally! 

What better action to take than not wear any sunscreen at all! 

That’s what I did. 

But it left me with such bad burns from head to toe – that from then on, I never sat in the sun like that again. My olive skinned friends coated me in yoghurt. 

A sight I never wish to revisit. 

With a weary heart I tried convincing myself I would somehow surpass my genetics. Morphing into a beautifully olive skinned goddess sounded like heaven. 

It has yet to happen. 

But I have realised that I will never ever have a good “tan”. 

3. I still own clothes from 6 years ago. 

I’m not a massive clothes hoarder. I know people own a lot. But I suppose I generally do buy some nice things. I thoroughly make them last. 

Up to the point of holes, stains and missing buttons. 

4. I have one going out hand bag. 

I’m starting to think I have a more minimalist lifestyle than I realise. 

I just don’t need the use of having so many things when I can make what I have last. 

The bag was bought in Canada last year, real leather and has treated me well. 

 5. Lastly my make up collection. 

I used to put an effort into my make up. 

But over time I became lazy, having realised that I wanted to embrace what I had. 

This meant my make up style become as simple as can be. 


Other than a lipgloss, maybe a lipstick, this is it. 

Mascara, foundation and blush. 

The collections I’ve seen girls have are ridiculous. Boxes and boxes of cosmetics, ‘stick this here’ and ‘apply this there’.  

I just don’t get it. 

But, there is good news! 

Today, I went to a neighbours get together – the inaugural street “Girls and goss” (my neighbour invited ladies in my street for goss and champers – champagne). 

A woman that attended, is a beauty therapist. She receives loads of products that she doesn’t use. 

An incredibly sweet hard arsed woman you wouldn’t want to mess with. 

She went to her house returning with 3 large bags of make up. 

I actually got excited. And gave them to us. 

This is huge for me. I now own highlighter! 

I feel like such a girl but I think this will kick my butt into gear. It’ll be nicer to put more of an effort into my looks. 

Not that I don’t but I’ve always had the mentality that we don’t need make up. 

Our natural faces are way more beautiful than what any product can do. Being face naked. 

But…I have to admit, every now and then I do love a good spruce, especially with products named Nudestix.