Infograph – Unlikely ways to die

In class, we spent a good amount of time creating infographic posters. By no means am I a graphic designer. We used Canva – – simple to use and definitely would get better at it with time.

I went through about 3 different topics- from chocolate to Netflix and then finally death.

Death is a peculiar topic of interest and what better way to cover it than look at unlikely deaths.



dandelionsave kids




Vivid’s ‘Electric Forest’ music creators


The beginning of the Sydney Vivid Light show is an excuse to see the city lit up with an array of lights, music and artistic flare.

Today, we spoke to the music contributors teacher Kerry Furlong and students Perry and Donny for the ‘Electric Forest’ from Sydney Ultimo TAFE.

Visitors to the Electric Forest will walk through a strange world of illuminated plant life: from bizarre hanging ‘fruits’ and deep rumbling storms to schools of fish and cunning optical illusions, highlighting the fertile imaginations of the Live Production Design Students.

Finally, an unusual psycho-acoustic offering from the music students provides multiple soundtracks to the activation, so that when the animation loop repeats, it does so to different music. Apart from ‘keeping it fresh’, the audience will experience first-hand how different music can sometimes can change the entire meaning of a visual narrative.

Created by Daniel Rosenburg, Belinda Palmada, and Ruth Griffin


Update: AGHHHH who am I and where am I?

My teacher requires us to update our TAFE journal.


I thought I would aim to recall what I’ve learnt thus (saying ‘thus’ makes me think of Dumbledore) far in my course in 5 different ways.

  1. I’ve learnt that you can create awesome pictures with just using the simple device of information that everyone carries in their pocket. Your phone.
  2. Talking to strangers can be fun! Well fun to a degree, kind of like asking a guy out but he refuses because he doesn’t trust you.
  3. Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Many times I’ve had these great ideas that for some reason just don’t pan out. But I am slowly learning that it’s okay. Failure is an option because it makes you better. Something that I am also learning to handle.
  4. Interviewing people you have admired doesn’t mean they will be humble. I had the pleasure to interview a well known scientist, who has plenty of coverage around Australia and I would say is a familiar household name. But meeting him was a completely different ball game. I thought he would be so easy going, yet the way he handled ‘a fresh faced student’ interviewing for the first time was quite frustrating.  I shall reflect on this when I release the video.
  5. Still got no clue where to go from here. Do I continue to study? Do I get a full time job? I love taking photos and interviewing people but editing is also great. I’ve contemplated looking into film and TV but for now, I feel like I’m standing naked through a windy door frame trying to decide which other door in front of me will take me to a warmer clothed place.

Journalism is a dying trade.

Well rather that it is being so easily dispensed and just about anyone these days can call themselves a journalist. Although some people would say Journalists are dirty, horrible, exploitative aliens. Someone has to do it.

Is anyone else suffering from this disorder? the I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing-with-my-life disorder. I’ve been suffering for more than 8 years.

Maybe I should start a support group for us lonely folk. The silent and loud sufferers can collaborate and help each other through the hardships and complex issues of these times.

Welcome to I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing-with-my-life ANON. 



Vox-popping goodness

Vox pops are awesome.

There I said it. I admit that talking to strangers is an adrenaline rushing experience and take pride in my experiences so far.

However, it’s not always as amazing as the screen let’s on.

For one, people can be rude as fuck. I don’t care that people aren’t interested. I totally understand we all have our lives, missions, daily routines and places to be. Especially when most people work that we approach.

BUT, when you walk up to someone and they ultimately treat you like the scum on the bottom of their shoe (it’s either shit or gum, but most likely shit) that’s when it’s less about a rush of time and more about being a complete douchebag.

My example is as follows…

I approached this sweet looking couple carrying coffee cups, introducing myself and the idea of a chat on camera.

“What are you going to ask?” said one guy who seemed pretty quick to ask.

“Well it’s good to keep it a bit fresh and spontaneous. I assure you it isn’t anything too insulting or deep.” I reassured the man. To which he instantly responded.

“How can I answer your questions when I can’t even trust what they’re going to be?” he bit back.

Something you should know about me is that I am such an easy going person and I’ve developed the knack for owning my rejections or at least accepting that not everyone wants to talk.

But dude, if you don’t want to talk just say no. I’d rather happily accept 100 rejections than to receive ass wipes that can’t handle a bit of fun and give me such sass.

Maybe he was hiding something. Maybe he was camera shy. Maybe he was an undercover cop and was sceptical of anyone in his path. But maybe he (and SOCIETY) could be a little more nicer to people you don’t know cause it can have a domino effect.

The opposite example?

One day I headed to the city, I wasn’t exactly in the best of moods as I was running late and needed to be somewhere.

Adding salt to the wound, I was hangry. This never helps anyone especially when late for an appointment.

So I step on this bus and my mind sighs in relief due to the bus with few passengers. I swipe my Opal card and then look at the driver. Friendly face, smiling whilst I clearly was the opposite.

“Good morning, how are you today?” the driver said as I looked into his very kind eyes. No joke I wanted to bawl my eyes out. I waited a second, startled by his question and replied good.

I was feeling good. In fact, I was feeling fan-fucking-tastic because this man. This stranger put a smile on my face and did for the rest of the day.

I believe this is called the collective consciousness where such an act has a profound affect on you.

My point is, don’t be an arsehole to the person handing you a brochure, or the person asking for a quick chat, don’t be mean to the cleaner at your work. Speak to them. Treat them like a human being. I assure you they will appreciate it.

Needless to say, I was really quite nice to the guy who questioned me and there it was a lesson for me to.

Just be as nice as pie to the ass wipes. Because believe it or not, they could be having a bad day too.


Reflection on Blood Donation interview

Starting this task I was a little unsure of who to approach and interview. Especially in regards to a profession or “specialist” as indicated.

The funny thing is I think that word could be interpreted in more than one way.

Most people would assume Doctor, Lawyer, Banker, or Baker. Delving into that I feel would be pretty ordinary. I chose someone who volunteers as a refreshment staff (inner giggle).

Having a message to send at the end of it was a pretty good way to go about it. But this wasn’t what I originally planned. Once I found Belinda and decided to have an interview.

It wasn’t until AFTER I realised I had missed a few key points or parts that could have been simple additions to make it more wholesome. For instance, perhaps asking “where” she volunteers in regards to the whole volunteering.

Nerves are a funny thing really. Sometimes they control you and other times you feel you can use them to your advantage. I suppose being my first interview that I have published but my inner perfectionist sees otherwise.

You should have done this, or you could have asked that, Or why didn’t you do this?!?” and the self talk goes on. Needless to say, I am a working progress. I won’t be the best at everything but I can always improve right?

Note to thyself:  

IF you’re interviewing someone of a profession that maybe not everyone would know about, JUST ask where they are doing it. More is better and whatever else can be edited.