Portfolio thoughts

It has come to the final class of MoPho, and I was meant to do a reflection, not on #pocketsofsydney, but based on all my photos from Instagram.

The ones that were needed for the assessments besides my 10 photo series.

I feel like there has been a progression of growth from when I first started.

Not to say that my images were crap, but that I learnt how to create different photos using certain compositions such as reflections, leading lines, rule of thirds, silhouettes, flatlay, low key and high key.

My favourite is either leading lines or rule of thirds. But then there’s flatlay, or reflections. I cant decide.

The best thing I’ve learnt is how there’s so many ways using these compositions to tell a story.

For instance, my pigeon photo has an element of leading lines.


Learning to edit has been interesting and I’ve slipped into a groove of my own.

Probably what I could change is continuing to enhance my editing abilites, as in not being stuck on just one style. It’s good to venture out into something new.

Although I can’t help but include some photos of my shoes.



Get in this MoPhoin’ Class

This week is the second last week of TAFE for my cert 4 in Mobile Photography (MoPho) and I am actually dead set sad about that.

Our class is always a hoot, I’m saying this especially because my teacher will be reading this. Hi Meg! 🙂

I believe my photo project went relatively well for what I achieved in less than 2 weeks.

The most challenging aspect was organisation of the subject/model for sure. As much as I appreciate the people I took photos of. It was a pain in the butt to get some people to commit to being my model.

I believed I would really struggle with having to find 10 people but it all ended up running much smoother than originally thought.

Some of the photos taken I think could have been better but that’s always something that I will think. Partial Perfectionist at play.

Capturing the essence of #pocketsofsydney was my favourite and that was to basically have fun with it. Seeing each model’s personality shine through assisted me in creating photos that were worth it.

I’m definitely sad that this class will be over but excited to start the next phase whatever that may be. Potentially even just getting back into DSLR photography to enhance my skills and abilities with it all.

Peace out Brussels Sprout ’cause I’m on my way to a theatre show. 

P.s here’s a boomerang I made of my teacher ​



Pictures of a family member 

For MoPho class we had to decide on taking 5 photos of a family member. Naturally my mum was my choice. 

Here they are…

From baby to teen

Seeing the change

She’s also a hard working night owl 

She makes things with her hands. At the moment her jam is crotchet earrings. 

But of course, her love affair with coffee 




It’s finally here. I am so excited to announce my project for #pocketsofsydney

A huge thank you to all that were involved. Sydney is an awesome place to live and has many pockets that you can find yourself in.

They’re also in my instagram –



“I love coming here. It makes me feel at home (Maldives and Australia). Where the land meets the water and that’s so special to me”. – Ami – Elizabeth Bay


“I would come here with my friends when we were younger. I also love to climb things. Do I look good this angle?”. – Maeve – Alison Park – Dulwich Hill


“I could just eat Garlic Chicken for the rest of my life”. – Mitch –

Oiden Rice Bowl – George St


“The Bay is beautiful. It’s such a great thinking spot”. – Vanessa – Bay Walk – Roselle


“It’s such a nice little spot. I love that they kept old pieces, the detail – even to the gates surrounding the area with little houses on the corners”. – Caitlin – The Rocks


“I love being near the water. It allows me to contemplate life away from the city”. – Mayzin – Royal Botanic Gardens


“Great coffee and they make anything how I want”. – Maggie – Empire Cafe – Dulwich Hill


“From here you can feel the soul of Australia and you can see the symbol of Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower and corner of the Sydney Opera House”. – Tatiana – Lavender Bay


“Every few weeks my family and I would come here to walk around and explore. It’s a different atmosphere from Fairfield”. – Belinda – Darling Harbour


“When I moved to Sydney we lived 5 minutes away from Luna Park. I loved the quirky nostalgic feel. It will always represent a scary, exciting time in our lives. It’s the big city. We’re here”. – Ingrid – Luna Park




Photo of a stranger or two.

Head On Photo Festival is the leading photography festival in Australia.

The annual festival is run by Head On Foundation, a not for profit organisation which provides a multi-faceted platform for nationally and internationally acclaimed artists as well as emerging talent across all genres of photography.


I found these two girls closely admiring the photos.

Once I approached them, I found out they were from Singapore and had been in Sydney for 2 weeks.

Pak and Cassandra were happy to be my models and admiring the photographers work saying “It’s really interesting to see. The photos are more in the present.”



Chinatown – Story of a place

The current location is the third in Sydney to be known as Chinatown.

In the late 19th century, it was located in the rocks area of Sydney and later moved to the area near Market Street at Darling Harbour.

By the 1920s, it began to be established in its current location. Chinatown is centred on Dixon street a pedestrian street mall with many Chinese restaurants.

IMG_3614One of the entrances along Dixon street

IMG_3615Sydney designed information desk 

IMG_3616An abundant of food to choose from..

IMG_3617Chinese garden architecture

FullSizeRender 6Bottom of the Golden Water Mouth 

FullSizeRender 7and looking up.