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Bloggin’ it – Miscellaneous


I’m looking at my blog so far and honestly I know it could be better.

But I don’t hate it- which is good.

It’s more like WordPress is this tall green hedge maze that has so many turns and corners –  I get lost in it all and want to lay in the foetal position with my thumb stuck in my mouth. But obviously I only do that on weekends.

I think I could make a consistent effort to enhance it.

The thing is I have travelled A LOT.

For my age *cough cough* I’ve been to so many places.

I would love to write some stories based on those trips. I have memories written down from these times and will aim to spruce them up a bit.

Another goal of mine will be to get back into photography.

Exciting times really.

For now, it’ll be basic but I will get my butt into gear and enhance this space for entertainment value.

First job, get my pictures into order!