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‘Slutty Sundaes’ – Sorry, I’ve been pitchin’

Hey sluts,

Deep apologies for my absence.

I’ve been knee deep in assessments at TAFE and I’m slowly climbing to the surface.

There’s also an exciting element to all these assessments, and that was preparing a pitch to the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

If you don’t know what a pitch is, basically it entails an entrant to provide a varied degree of resources and information, proposing some sort of story/idea.

In the journalist world, if you were writing you would be pitching to your editor about a story you wanted to write and why it was worth it. In this day and age, the turn around is huge. All dependent on who you work for of course.

My turn, involved a snippet of my newly named podcast, Own Up.

Much like the Anonymous Confessions, the idea still exists.

Without giving too much away it requires anonymous members of society to reveal something off their chest in to create a podcast.

I’m excited because this was a huge step for me.

You can sense my excitement by the tone I used to count down, the moment I pressed send.

This would have been at least something that has painstakingly taken me 2 months to process and finalise.

As a partial perfectionist it was never easy. Especially when each teacher I would get an opinion from would have such a varied answer to any query.

In fact, that’s one thing I’ve struggled with.

Accepting the fact that no matter what I create, someone can critic it and say it needs to be fixed. While someone else could focus on a completely different aspect of it.

I feel like I’ve got a long way to go but this is just the beginning for my career.

One that I finally feel like is aiming towards something that I can create and really master.

I’ll know whether ABC are interested around early December and if they will take it further.

If not that’s okay, and doesn’t mean I can’t do my own thing anyway.


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When visions become reality #anonymousconfessions

I’ve had a project in the works.

It’s called ‘Anonymous Confessions’.

Essentially, I have a tent and in this case, the Confessional Tent. In which participants, reveal something that they’ve kept to themselves by recording confessions.

I had been planning this for a while but finally took it out into the public view.

Devising a plan was pretty simple. Set up the tent, stay there all day and try aim to have people record their confessions.


I started at 9:30 in the morning, staying the whole day next to my Confessional Tent like a needy child.

It was worthwhile though. I was quite apprehensive about it all. Perhaps also the fact I wouldn’t pee until about 6pm that night!

Anyway, it was a fun day. I met so many incredible people. Most reactions from strangers were positive saying how they really liked the idea.

This boosted my confidence in the whole project. Especially coming from the least likely people. In total I had 14 recordings.

My goal was 20 but perhaps that was a bit ambitious.

I did have one guy approach me and said I didn’t give enough information. “If I’m just walking passed that and I see ‘Confessional Tent’ I would run for the hills,’ he said.

I understood his feedback and that’s fine. He is entitled to his opinion. But then I replied “I understand that, but now that you saw my poster. You’ve actually come up to me,” I added. I then went into detail about how I had formulated the idea.

Once he heard it he looked at me and said “Okay, yeah now I like the idea.”


I also included additional questions to help (Okay I didn’t know that the tent would have slots for this but how awesome) if people were stuck on what to say.

This seemed to really work as most people would begin to say they didn’t have anything to confess. I would then just place other questions in their hands and it seemed to spark something.



Along with little thank you notes, I had lollies to give them once they were finished. Just a nice sweet touch to say thanks for their participation.

Honestly, this idea was sparked from my love of connection, people and sharing stories.

I’m hoping to continue this project and see where it takes me!

It’s just fascinating to see ideas become reality when you start from the drawing board to sitting on a crate for more than 8 hours talking to strangers in a park.


TAFE Journal

Reflecting on skillz? – TAFE journal

A few weeks ago in class, we had to highlight our skills in order to write them up for a CV or as us Aussies usually say, resumè.

Like we are French. Wee.

Here’s the thing I just couldn’t take it seriously. My skill set is pretty low I have to say. I can already hear my teacher underselling myself.

But it’s true.

The best I came up with was my awesome ability to conjure up the BEST armpit farts ever.

The class laughed. I’m not entirely sure people were really appreciative of this skill.

How many people do you know that can create fart sounds that vary between different tones, pitches and potentially ‘wet’ sounding?  I doubt many.

But in all seriousness, I am still learning.

I suppose my current skill set is confident in using social media. I am quite a good communicator or will work my best to communicate and understand what is being said.

I can relate to others well or seek the best in others. If that is even a skill.


My project ideas have changed over time. But I have concluded at least two of them. My first idea is to create a concept called Anonymous Confessions. Using a tent, allow people to have some time to tell a secret or confess something that perhaps they haven’t told anyone else.

I’m a bit unsure about how it’s going to turn out. But I’ve already got some recorded.

I’ll be updating soon about my other ideas but for now, I must go.




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Constant Apologies

I always find myself apologising for the most ridiculous moments and awkward moments that don’t really require a sorry.

“Can I get passed you? SORRY…” – walking between crowds of people to get to my destination.

“SORRY do you mind if I take my pen back?” – whilst in actual fact it’s my own damn property.

“SORRY, that was me who farted”. – To be fair, I have never apologised for my farts. I don’t intend to. Like ever.

But you get the gist – remarking on how ridiculous apologising for the most basic life moments that should just require manners rather than excusing myself as though I am doing wrong. Perhaps it’s a woman thing. We are always apologising.

The reason I was writing to say that I was sorry I hadn’t done amazingly at setting up this WordPress but I am subsequently “getting there”.

I was in fact brought up on the induction of websites such as live journal – I swear my name sounded something like a lolly ‘Twinkle pop.

Tumblr and myspace. They were the humble birth of this generation of exposing oneself in ways you would later regret in life.

Needless to say, I will NOT be apologising for my lack of posts on this site but will explain in my lovely manners that “I am piss farting, but it’s getting me further than once expected”.

In another exciting matter I also am keen to announce I will be interviewing somewhat of a Sydney inner west icon who is a friendly face for all.

Once I confirm with my teacher I will be talking to this said person and I can’t wait to share what this person has to say.

Exciting stuff! Don’t all wet your pants at once.

Until next time,

Stop apologising and Fart as much as you like. 🙂

(A bit of self promotion – Please check out my insta and twitter )


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Starting Out…

Currently trying to suss out this whole thing of what WordPress is all about. It’s a little confusing and I feel like I take 5 steps forward towards the finish line and then get bumped into by other competitors labeled “confusion” 3 steps back.

I actually can’t wait to have more of a grasp of it all so that I can feel confident getting my content up and running and actually win the “WordPress” race.