Vivid’s ‘Electric Forest’ music creators


The beginning of the Sydney Vivid Light show is an excuse to see the city lit up with an array of lights, music and artistic flare.

Today, we spoke to the music contributors teacher Kerry Furlong and students Perry and Donny for the ‘Electric Forest’ from Sydney Ultimo TAFE.

Visitors to the Electric Forest will walk through a strange world of illuminated plant life: from bizarre hanging ‘fruits’ and deep rumbling storms to schools of fish and cunning optical illusions, highlighting the fertile imaginations of the Live Production Design Students.

Finally, an unusual psycho-acoustic offering from the music students provides multiple soundtracks to the activation, so that when the animation loop repeats, it does so to different music. Apart from ‘keeping it fresh’, the audience will experience first-hand how different music can sometimes can change the entire meaning of a visual narrative.

Created by Daniel Rosenburg, Belinda Palmada, and Ruth Griffin


Update: AGHHHH who am I and where am I?

My teacher requires us to update our TAFE journal.


I thought I would aim to recall what I’ve learnt thus (saying ‘thus’ makes me think of Dumbledore) far in my course in 5 different ways.

  1. I’ve learnt that you can create awesome pictures with just using the simple device of information that everyone carries in their pocket. Your phone.
  2. Talking to strangers can be fun! Well fun to a degree, kind of like asking a guy out but he refuses because he doesn’t trust you.
  3. Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Many times I’ve had these great ideas that for some reason just don’t pan out. But I am slowly learning that it’s okay. Failure is an option because it makes you better. Something that I am also learning to handle.
  4. Interviewing people you have admired doesn’t mean they will be humble. I had the pleasure to interview a well known scientist, who has plenty of coverage around Australia and I would say is a familiar household name. But meeting him was a completely different ball game. I thought he would be so easy going, yet the way he handled ‘a fresh faced student’ interviewing for the first time was quite frustrating.  I shall reflect on this when I release the video.
  5. Still got no clue where to go from here. Do I continue to study? Do I get a full time job? I love taking photos and interviewing people but editing is also great. I’ve contemplated looking into film and TV but for now, I feel like I’m standing naked through a windy door frame trying to decide which other door in front of me will take me to a warmer clothed place.

Journalism is a dying trade.

Well rather that it is being so easily dispensed and just about anyone these days can call themselves a journalist. Although some people would say Journalists are dirty, horrible, exploitative aliens. Someone has to do it.

Is anyone else suffering from this disorder? the I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing-with-my-life disorder. I’ve been suffering for more than 8 years.

Maybe I should start a support group for us lonely folk. The silent and loud sufferers can collaborate and help each other through the hardships and complex issues of these times.

Welcome to I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing-with-my-life ANON. 



Photo of a stranger or two.

Head On Photo Festival is the leading photography festival in Australia.

The annual festival is run by Head On Foundation, a not for profit organisation which provides a multi-faceted platform for nationally and internationally acclaimed artists as well as emerging talent across all genres of photography.


I found these two girls closely admiring the photos.

Once I approached them, I found out they were from Singapore and had been in Sydney for 2 weeks.

Pak and Cassandra were happy to be my models and admiring the photographers work saying “It’s really interesting to see. The photos are more in the present.”



‘Slutty Sundae’ – “can’t be sex or drugs”

Todays ‘Slutty Sundae’ is a story while travelling through Europe.

Being an impressionable 22 year old woman meant in-de-pen-dence *snaps fingers* and most of my friends hadn’t been out of Australia.

Yet there I was, backpacking around Europe.

I felt this shield of confidence that I had never felt before.

This experience is something I’ll never forget.

It was the summer of 2012. And I arrived at my hostel as a complete sweaty mess. After getting lost twice; once by this guy who took me the complete opposite direction I needed and the second being a man who spoke english and was very sweet!

Once settled after a good sleep and shower. I spent the day soaking up the sights and taking random streets to see a different side of Budapest I wouldn’t normally see.

Later on, I gathered in the hostel lounge area with people from the hostel. All from around the globe. 5 Americans, 2 Ecuadorians, 1 Austrian guy, and a German girl then me. The only Aussie. A rarity. 

We dove straight into drinking games, became louder and sweaty and some stripped shirtless (the hostel had only one fan per room and it was so hot). The hostel lady told us we needed to close the windows because the neighbours would complain.

The woman mumbled something about a man with a hockey stick. She divulged into an anecdote about this nasty man. He would come along and rip down all their maps and signs of the hostels location- no wonder I was lost! Even ripped out the keypad to open the doors for the hostel because the residents complained.

It was her nice way of saying we should probably leave if we wanted to continue to be loud and have ‘obnoxious’ fun.

One of the American guys suggested this place he heard of that was quite cool. We all left and followed him. I was pretty buzzed from the cheap alcohol, despite the sweating.

I felt like we had walked hours before we finally arrived (my guess is that he had no clue where he was going).

It was this super cool club that looked like a garage out the front with these plain doors, the beat hit my chest as I nodded my head to the music. Walking through the sparkling of lights amongst the trees and this old beetle car was stuck in the middle of the club on the ground floor. It was definitely my kind of place. More like a bar with a warm outdoor vibe, everyone clearly drunk and loving life.

You’re going to think I’m weird now. But honestly, in that moment. That warm balmy night. We were connected.

We sat down and began to drink and started to share stories amongst us. It was strange it was as if that walk had chilled everyone out and we weren’t keen to go nuts. But to vent.

Stories were thrown across the group which made us laugh and cringe and spill our drinks. It was genuinely a great time. Then the leader, American guy came up with an idea.

“Okay, we have to share something. This night is too good. We won’t ever have it again. I want each of you to think of something that is dear to you. And share with the group.  It can be anything.” he said.

“But, it can’t be sex or drugs.”

This stumped everyone. It was hard.

“It has to be something that is your SHIT. Yeah, it has to be your shit.  It just drives you and keeps you going when there’s nothing else.” he added.

“We’ll go around the circle”.

This was fascinating. The American girl explained in detail her love for politics the fight for equality and justice. The Austrian guy took a part his love for cars, adding the different types and why he loved how they drove. One of the Ecuadorian guys mentioned his shit for Capoeira, how it moves his body and transforms him into a mediative state.

I felt so drawn in to each of these individuals. Even if I didn’t feel the same about those things. I could feel the sensations they talked about with excitement.

I was nervous because I was next. What the hell was I going to say? I then realised the most simplistic thing I could think of.

“My shit….is to laugh” I said.

At first they looked at me plainly.

“No, no, no you can’t say that!” said the Austrian guy – who probably had it in for me because I knew literally zilch about cars.

“Hold on,……you know what? I like that” said the American guy.

I defended myself by giving examples. ” I love to laugh and would do things in order to laugh, mainly with others though” I said with justification.

This moment made me love humanity. I know it sounds completely corny. But there’s something about sharing such deep confession for “your shit” when you don’t know these people apart from a few hours of conversation.

Definitely one of my most treasured moments travelling. Also because what I said completely surprised me.

And yes, my SHIT still is to make myself laugh and those around me as you can tell by the picture below.


So tell me, what the hell is your SHIT?

See you next ‘Slutty Sundae’!





Slutty Sundaes – It’s not what you think

Before you get all offended and up in arms…read this.

I have created a day.

This day is called ‘Slutty Sundaes’.

Firstly, I devised this idea a few years a go, while living with some housemates. We discussed the necessity of leaving Sundays for the day of rest.

The day where your toes are greeted by the wind.

The day where you relax and unwind.

The day you unzip your jeans and leave them hanging open.

The day you FINALLY pluck those awkward hairs around your nipple that you’ve been meaning to get to.

The day where you just need to mentally unwind from a weeks worth of crap or intensity.

And the day that you can do literally whatever the hell you want! (within reason – I don’t endorse raiding the streets and killing people)

So many times you hear the word ‘Slutty’ being thrown around like it’s a bad word. It isn’t.

I can be slutty with ice cream and just devour way too much. Doesn’t have to do anything with sex. Or finish that tub of Hummus on my own with hot chips (new food creation?).

Needless to say, we (housemates and I) continued to call Sundays ‘Slutty Sundaes’ and it warranted that chocolate we just ate. Or that extra cheesy slice of pizza we really shouldn’t have had but we did anyway.

Morphing this into my blog will be an easy feast, ha!

So each Sunday, relaxed and be entertained by my ‘Slutty Sundae’.

It will be a story, a recollection of moments, a dream, a conversation, a thought.

So sit back. Open them jeans, or better yet slip into some trackie dacks. Relax and let the ‘Slutty Sundaes’ take you in to a separate world of pure bliss.

DISCLAIMER: Each entry may not entice the reader to become relaxed. But you can be relaxed and sluttin’ it up while reading ‘Slutty Sundaes’. You are entitled to actually slut it up on Sundays and you can still partake in ‘Slutty Sundaes’. You may even be eating a sundae AND having sex. Who cares. It’s ‘Slutty Sundae!’.



Chinatown – Story of a place

The current location is the third in Sydney to be known as Chinatown.

In the late 19th century, it was located in the rocks area of Sydney and later moved to the area near Market Street at Darling Harbour.

By the 1920s, it began to be established in its current location. Chinatown is centred on Dixon street a pedestrian street mall with many Chinese restaurants.

IMG_3614One of the entrances along Dixon street

IMG_3615Sydney designed information desk 

IMG_3616An abundant of food to choose from..

IMG_3617Chinese garden architecture

FullSizeRender 6Bottom of the Golden Water Mouth 

FullSizeRender 7and looking up.