Fire and Joy – Nirrimi

Growing up I always admired photographers and writers.

Nirrimi Hakanson (Firebrace) has been the first Australian photographer/writer I stumbled across on the site DeviantArt back in 2005.



Nirrimi captivated a big following starting from a young age and producing some breathtaking photos.

I was able to get some insight into Nirrimi’s idea of how to get into photography.

Hello! Can you give a brief description of who you are and what you do?

I’m a 25 year old photographer, writer, blogger and mama from Australia.

What inspired you to get into photography/writing?

I’ve always been a creative, writing came first as a child and then I picked up a camera as a teen and fell in love.

What do you love about your job?

My office can be my bedroom, my favourite cafe or a beach in Indonesia. It’s challenging and exciting. I’m heard.


What qualities do you think make a great photographer/writer?

Rolling with the punches. Presentness. Self discipline.
What are the biggest challenges in your job?

Being my own boss. Getting enough work to get by.


What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into this profession?

Be motivated from within; by how you feel when you create, by the longing to live an authentic life, by the growth. Create to create, not for fame or riches or to impress someone. Make space and time to do it every single day.


Thank you Nirrimi for letting me share a slice of your photographic gallery.

You can check out Nirrimi’s portfolio at 

And her blog



The ultimate go-getter – Jan Fran

It was 2013, one mid-May Monday coolish night, I snuggled up on my second-hand couch with my new housemates to be greeted by SBS2’s new show, The Feed.
Instantly I fell in love with the captivating stories and relaxed attitudes of the TV hosts.
Since then, the show has shimmied to a new channel SBS Viceland, scoring a bigger audience through social media.
One of the main hosts of the show, Jeanette Francis – a.k.a Jan Fran, has made a name for herself with a fiercely funny way of captivating her audience.
I was fortunate to speak to Jan Fran, gaining some insight in the world of journalism and what story telling really entails.

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Notes of a Northerner – A thirst for sights

How often have you felt the desire to just pack up and leave what you’ve always known?
Many people dream it, but how many actually follow through?
This afternoon, I was able to speak with an inspiring photographer with a wholehearted desire to explore the world. A young woman who did what some can only dream of – pack up and travel for work.

Hello! Can you give a brief description of who you are and what you do? 
Hi! I’m Sophie Piearcey, originally from the UK but now living in beautiful Queenstown NZ.
I run a blog / Instagram called Notes of A northerner which follows me around the world on all our adventures as I write and take photographs.
What inspired you to get into photography?
As cliché as it may sound my Dad gave me an old Canon film camera when I was about 7 and since then I have never stopped taking photographs. The printed form and how I could stop a moment in time fascinated me.
I went on to complete a Masters in fine art and photography at University and then bought a one way ticket to the southern hemisphere and haven’t looked back since.
How did you get to where you are today? 
Hard work, persistence, perfecting my trade and constantly learning. I learn new things from the people I meet, the blogs I read and the workshops I attend. I make sure I always get a library card for whatever city I am in so I can make sure I keep my literature knowledge up.
What do you love about your job?
I love the fact it’s hard work. It pushes me to challenge myself daily. I also love the amazing network of friends I have met through using Instagram and blogging my life away… I’ve also been to some pretty cool places in the last few years too.
What is a typical day like for you? What qualities do you think make a great photographer?
Emails, Instagram, catch up with the news and any blogs I follow regularly. I then edit images from the weekend or previous trips and I write.
Sometimes I write when I am not going to publish it just to keep my brain active.
I don’t think there are specific qualities you need to have to be a great photographer. For me the most important thing is passion.
If you are passionate about something it will shine through in all your work, I also don’t think it’s about fancy equipment – spend your money on adventures instead!
What are the biggest challenges in your job? 
Keeping up to date with current trends and goings on in the world while also trying to stay true to yourself and style.
What advice would you give to someone who wanted to get into this profession?
Get out there and start taking photos pronto.
You will start to see the world a whole lot differently through a camera lens.
Also networking is so important. Not only does it boost your skills & knowledge but also helps your hone your own craft and puts you in touch with so many awesome like-minded people!
Thank you so much for the interview Sophie. 
Sophie documents her travels on her site – Check her out!
Her instagram is @sophiepiearcey

Industry – Career Objectives

Career objectives are a challenge for me to admit as I am still exploring my preferences. Coming from a childcare background has given me many years of experience but journalism is a completely different ball game. Below, I have highlighted career objective’s emphasising on more than one in my case.


Creating video content through YouTube; such as vox-pops, interviewing known figures in the community, or just making a short video to explain how to avoid awkward situations when you need to sneeze loudly. My personal strength lies in the need to make others laugh and believe this could be an asset to that sort of media platform.


Another considered objective would be to create a podcast. This podcast would be a platform of storytelling through guests or investigative storylines or themes.

Current Affairs

Venturing into the world of film by working behind the camera to create content that would be of a journalistic approach. This is inspired by my interest in watching programs such as The Feed, You can’t ask that, 4 corners, The Checkout etc. Social experiments, exposing the truth within a community big or small, discovering underground trends that people aren’t aware of. This world is an amazing place and to share that with others would be such a gift. Reviews for Theatre Production Having a personal passion for Australian theatre and getting behind local and well known actors would be an amazing opportunity and exciting venture.



 I have travelled to many countries and would love to continue this theme. Being a travel journalist to meet new people, share experiences, open the minds of people who might never get the chance to know about a certain community.

One goal in my career to achieve would be to work in a remote and/or indigenous community to help teach others the skills set that I would have acquired.


 In regards to gaining experience, the colossal organisations ABC or SBS as well as smaller organisations such as community radio, local theatre groups, that work on creating new content. VICE has always been a media company I have admired due to their obscure stories and views they have explored. Roles relevant to these objective expectations include video content producer, corresponding journalist, YouTube content creator, Radio Content Maker, Producer, Travel Journalist and Entertainment Journalist.

 Skills to develop…

Amplifying my competence by formulating, editing and creating content through audio and visual mediums.

Learning radio techniques and programs that would be used in the field by taking advantage of the resources available at TAFE including teachers.

 Refining my writing for a variety of audience whether it be from hard news stories to soft news stories and feeling completely confident within my own work.

 Progressively learning from mistakes and using them as lessons especially in practical situations such as interviews.

 Absorb research and investigative skills that will guarantee the content maintained it’s credibility ensuring my sources are valid.

 Developing critical thinking skills would be an asset which is why university would be a good next step after TAFE.

Skilfully working with a versatile group of people that would share their own ideas, views and opinions.

 Creating an effective workplace for those around me. Be willing to sort out issues, being open and honest in a fair and courteous way.

 A challenge that comes to mind is to develop and assert myself. Mainly in moments of tension or vulnerability as journalism is a role that encourages you to expose yourself in the world. Experience and knowing the guidelines as a journalist would aid this problem.

Finally, I am aware I need to develop my ability to accept that making mistakes is okay. This is hard being a partial perfectionist*. Putting myself out there continually ensuring that I am at least trying is really the best I can do and develop as a skill.

Media Professionals

Comedian and producer, Charles Firth comes to mind as a media professional to approach for advice. Growing up ‘The Chaser’s War on Everything’ and ‘CNNNN’ were inspiring productions and incredibly hilarious pieces. Challenging political members as well as media itself to expose the truth of situations definitely were a great asset to the Australian people. He would have some great tips I am certain.

 Host Marc Fennell of The Feed would also be amazing person to approach. Fennell has extensive interviewing experiences as well as developing stories from people within their communities. The style he creates is unique in the sense he has a natural easy-going style with a slash of self deprecation. One that I can most definitely relate to.

*Partial Perfectionist – one who engages in experiences or produces materials but only applies their effort like a part-time worker.