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GrandSLAM storytellers sweep through Sydney

GrandSLAM storytellers sweep through Sydney

By Ruth Griffin

This week’s Sydney Moth GrandSLAM will allow local storytellers to spin their yarns at the Metro Theatre in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, writes Ruth Griffin

Dressed in deep vibrant purple Judith Daley is evidently not your run of the mill 72-year-old. Her long-sleeved furry top begging to be touched is just one of the signs flagging that this storyteller has a great sense of fun and a ready laugh.

Having performed four times at the Moth story slams at the Giant Dwarf Theatre, and a first place winner of the December event themed Risk.

She is now setting her sights on the grand finale, the Sydney Moth GrandSLAM at the Metro Theatre on June 22.

Befriending comedian Kathryn Bendle in a drama class, held by the City of Sydney. Kathryn introduced Judith to a night of laughs at The Giant Dwarf in Redfern, Sydney last year.

The retired public servant, who lost her life partner ten years ago, found solace in sharing her experiences in the Moth, a monthly all-ages event that invites storytellers to share their most vulnerable and challenging moments in five minutes flat. And keep their audiences spellbound.

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The dangers of having a father


By Ruth Griffin

Father and daughter relationships are a vital asset in creating a positive home environment.

Yet being around an accident prone father can prove more dangerous than a visit to the supermarket, especially when there’s tools involved.

An innocent 17-year-old, Rhiannon Child recalls her childhood memories as a 9-year-old with her father potentially causing some serious damage.

It all started with a home DIY project in a garage – shelves specifically.

She passed her father the spanner, proud of her efforts, and says she continued to watch in awe.

“He accidentally bumped the spanner and it fell and hit me directly on the head,” she says.

“I didn’t even cry or anything.

“I said ‘That hurt, what the hell Dad?”

Being an assistant proved more dangerous than first thought.


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A Current Affair reporter arrested for child pornography material

A Current Affair reporter Ben McCormack, has been arrested and charged for sending child pornography after police raided Channel 9 offices in Willoughby on Thursday.

McCormack, 42, was arrested in Moore Park by strike force detectives during a vehicle stop.

Police will allege in court McCormack has engaged in sexual explicit conversations with an adult male.